Ketan Christian | Producer of “Prarthana” the Web Album

Over the past few months Priscilla Macwan, the Founder & Director of PRESYMEC STUDIO (, has worked incredibly hard to create an out-of-box web Album, Prarthana. Which is a sheer example of Presymec Studio’s expertise into 2D Graphics, Line Drawing Animation and Video Web Album

Your creativity and desire to meet customer expectations make you the ideal graphic designer.

Thank you so much for working so closely with me on this project!

The working relationship went on so smoothly, considering we both communicated remotely to each other, being so far away from each other on two different continents in different time-zones!

You listened as I was able to express my thoughts freely to you. Your professionalism was very evident throughout this process.

Your intentions and zeal to deliver the right product (the way I vision it!) was at your heart.

I recognize that your inputs and recommendations made this a terrific album with an added dynamic of excitement. 

Everything about this project was completely AWESOME!! You are AWESOME! Your studio is AWESOME! Thank you very much! I’m very much looking forward to working with you in the future on another project!!”

You can enjoy the video over here!

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